BioSense Solutions was founded in 2017 by Erik Spillum and Tom Olesen.

Erik Spillum has a background as R&D project manager and algoritme specialist at Unisensor/Philips BioCell and Tom Olesen founder of Unisensor and CTO in Unisensor and Philips BG Emerging Businesses.

The two have together more than 20 years of experience in the technology behind oCelloScope and has been some of the main drivers in developing the technology and patents behind.

BioSense Solutions will support existing and future oCelloScope customers, with a highly skilled team! And expand the technology platform into new application areas.



May 2017, BioSense Solutions has taken over the oCelloScope Platform from Philips BioCell through buy out, including sales, service, production and development.

Unisensor launched the oCelloScope system in 2013, an analytical instrument that can be used for microbiological studies on a research application basis.

Unisensor was founded in 1997 By Tom Olesen and was privately held company with approx. 35 employees before it was acquired by Royal Philips in 2014 and Philips BioCell was formed. Over the years the company’s product line has included several OEM solutions in product development projects with international partners.

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