Discover endless possibilities
with oCelloScope

Discover endless possibilities with oCelloScope

Suitable for a wide array of applications and research areas, oCelloScope is an automated digital time-lapse bright field imaging system that enables label-free, real-time analysis for microbiology1, medicinal chemistry and drug development2, and cell biology3,4.


Deeper analysis of liquid samples

oCelloScope’s advanced imaging system is well-suited to liquid samples, consisting of a digital camera, illumination unit and lens. The optical axis is tilted 6.25° relative to the horizontal plane of the stage, providing greater freedom of operation at both high and low concentrations of analyte.

The system also delivers high sensitivity and specificity of analysis over time and space to help you track the evolution of the analyte in response to physical and chemical cues, as well as the distribution of morphological features, such as aggregation, formation of crystal forms and other changes in morphology.


A more flexible research tool

oCelloScope has been designed to integrate easily with customised sensors and platforms for combined and in-flow analysis. For instance, Uddin et al. combined their tailored-made optomagnetic centrifugal microfluidic system with oCelloScope for thrombin detection and determination of cluster size distribution5.

oCelloScope supports the CellDirector® 2D assay (Gradientech AB, Uppsala, Sweden), an optimised cell-based assay for the analysis of cell migration and cell behaviour in response to chemotactic concentration gradients.

To learn more, read about oCelloScope technology.

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White papers

‘A digital time-lapse, bright field technology to drive faster, higher throughput label-free bioanalysis’


Application Notes

‘Overview of the oCelloScope applications for real-time monitoring of microbial dynamics’

‘oCelloScope technology’



‘An enhanced digital time-lapse bright field technology for higher throughput bioanalytical research’

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