Webinar: oCelloScope™ Live-Cell Imaging for AMR research

Testing new antibacterial peptides, antibiotic combinations, or novel antibiotics? The oCelloScope™ Live-Cell imaging platform will enable you to monitor the effects directly on your target bacterial strains.


Effects are measured as growth kinetic curves and images/time-lapse video to support events in wells. The oCelloScope™ and the UniExplorer software is dedicated to microbiology and measure changes in pixels. The automated platform is approximately 250 times more sensitive than OD and enable researchers to study early phase events such as spheroblast formation and subsequent lysis.


Join our webinar to see how you might benefit from the technology and browse through our list of publications from institutions worldwide, incl the US based CDC (Centre for Disease Control).



  • oCelloScope™ technology – how does it work?
  • UniExplorer Software – what can you do?
  • AMR – Publication examples
  • Questions


Language: English.


We have arranged 3 identical webinars to fit 3 time zones – Europe, USA and ASIA and please register below.


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Europe: May 20, 02:00 PM (Copenhagen)

USA & Canada: May 20,11:00 AM (Eastern Time)

Asia: May 20, 05:00 PM (Hong Kong)