Thursday August 19, 2021: Fungal R&D – oCelloScope™ Microbial Live-Cell Imaging Webinar

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Europe: August 19, 01:00 PM (Copenhagen)

USA & Canada: August 19, 09:00 AM (North America – EST)

Asia: August 19, 04:00 PM (Hong Kong)


– oCelloScope™ technology – how does it work
– Software & Fungal Assays – Kinetics, Image Analysis, Counting spores, Tracking Spores
– Questions

Duration: 45 min.
Language: English


Today, the oCelloScope™ is used by academics and industry worldwide in many different fungal assays – Sanitizing processing, fungal spore development, food development, beverage batch release, biocide development and more.

With the oCelloScope™ you can use any flat-bottomed multi-well plate format and analyze up to 308 microbial samples in real time. If you wish to experiment under non-static conditions, we have also developed a flow-cell.  The oCelloScope™ features a unique tilted camera technology which enable us to image a volume rather than a plane. The imaging height is 150µm and this means that any object in this volume will at some point be in focus. Output from system is measured as growth kinetic curves and images/time-lapse video to support events in wells. In addition, we use image analysis to count (spores/ml) and follow development of individual spores within a population.


Customer Testimonial:

By using the oCelloScope we were able to follow germination of thousands of individual fungal conidiospores within a population or community.  We could track development of these individuals by tracing size and shape and determine the influence of different conditions on their outgrowth. That was never done before. In the future we plan to address new research questions by including other features that the oCelloScope is able to determine.”

Wieke R. Teertstra, Researcher Microbiology, Kruyt building, Utrecht University.


Join our webinar to see how your lab might benefit from the technology and browse through our list of publications from institutions worldwide.

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