Real-time monitoring and analyses of your microbes 

oCelloScope is an automated live-cell imaging system that speeds up microbiology research and gives a deeper understanding of the biological processes.

Using standard microtiter plates, you can analyse up to 96 microbial samples at a time, and perform real-time analysis inside the incubator, saving hours of valuable time while maintaining the quality of your experiments.

Real-time monitoring of Aspergillus niger growth in malt extract broth (MEB) at 35°C over 17 hours.

Get a deeper insight

  • Profile biological processes in real-time
  • Analyse microbial growth and development
  • Capture and quantify morphological changes
  • Visualise and validate the results with images and videos

Analyse any sample

  • Supports analyses of a variety of microorganisms: Bacteria, Yeast, Mold, Fungi
  • Analyse Mixed-cultures and complex samples
  • Perform the analyses inside an incubator

Save time and money

  • Never miss a data point again with continuous monitoring
  • Set up, walk away, and get automated real-time analyses of your culture
  • Use standard microtiter plates

oCelloScope – 250 times more sensitive than standard OD plate reader


oCelloScope’s enhanced imaging technology provides greater operational flexibility at both high and low concentrations  which helps you to detect the early stages of microbial growth. With the built-in image analysis algorithms, a factor of 250 times greater sensitivity can be achieved with oCelloScope compared to OD. 

A comparison study between the Thermo-Fisher Scientific VarioSkan plate reader and oCelloScope have been made, measuring the growth of E. coli every 15 min. The minimum detection limit of the OD measurement was 2·106 CFU/ml. 

In contrast, with a start inoculum of 103 CFU/ml, our algorithm detects the bacterial growth after 45 min, corresponding to 8·103 CFU/ml, a factor of 250 times greater sensitivity than the minimum detection limit obtained by the VarioSkan plate reader.

For more details read the application note oCelloScope vs. OD plate reader

E. coli growth measured with oCelloScope algorithms, BCA (red) and TA (blue) and Thermo-Fisher Scientific VarioSkan (black).

Corresponding images from oCelloScope at time point 0, 120 and 240 minutes.

10^3 BCA vs OD_No_erroor_bars

Segmentation of a complex sample composed of yeast cells and 1µm beads.

Analyse complex samples and discriminate between different morphology

With the build-in segmentation algorithms, the UniExplorer software enables the user to automatically perform single cell analysis and discriminate and characterize the dynamics of different cell types in a complex sample.

More than 20 morphological features, including cell size and shape factors of each single object can be calculated and visualized in scatter plots and histograms, enabling the user to group the desired objects and analyse the morphology changes over time of the desired group.

As an example, discrimination between vegetative cells and spores in fungi or bacterial sporulation experiments can be performed.


oCelloScope is used for several applications within real-time cell monitoring.  Spore germentation, Cell morphology, Cell proliferation & migration, Antimicrobial Suseptibility Testing & Growth Kinetics. With a growing collection or peer reviewed articles, new applications using oCelloScope are being published continuously.

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