Automatic pipetting and real-time microscopy combined – 

a new collaboration between Flow Robotics and BioSense Solutions has started.


With a demanding need for high-throughput screening solutions BioSense Solutions and Flow Robotics are now working together to achieve a combination of automatic pipetting with automatic non-invasive, real-time microscopy.

With this unique combination between flowbot ONE pipetting robot and oCelloScope, it will now be possible to monitor the reaction/development in each well right from the start of the dispense of the active reagent.

With the rapid scanning capabilities off oCelloScope, it will be possible to monitor and create time-lapse videos of fast dissolution processes, such as Para-Aminobenzoic Acid dissolution in ethanol which has been scanned every 8.5 seconds in oCelloScope.

Dissolution of Para-Aminobenzoic Acid  in ethanol scanned every 8.5 seconds with oCelloScope.