Tsuyoshi Uehara

“A deep understanding of mechanisms of action of small molecules is critical for drug discovery. The research team at Venatorx Pharmaceuticals has incorporated oCelloScope, the state-of-the-art automated microscope developed by BioSense Solutions, to obtain valuable information on antibiotic effects on bacterial growth and morphology for the development of new antibiotics against clinically-important pathogens.”

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Lynne McLandsborough

“My laboratory has been using an oCelloScope™ to rapidly assess the effectiveness of various formulations for use in cleaning and sanitizing processing surfaces in the food industry.  The lower detection limit and the ability to monitor cellular morphology make this instrument superior to using a microtiter plate reader to monitor media turbidity.  The software is

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Dr. Sanjiv Shah

“Plate and biochemical assays can show strain and hit performances, but seeing is believing. The High Throughput Assay Development Team at Ginkgo Bioworks has incorporated the oCelloscope as an essential tool for validating and troubleshooting many of our assays. The oCelloscope reliably produces high-quality microscopy data from plate screens, building the scale of Ginkgo’s platform

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Dr. Wieke R. Teertstra

“By using the oCelloScope we were able to follow germination of thousands of individual fungal conidiospores within a population or community.  We could track development of these individuals by tracing size and shape and determine the influence of different conditions on their outgrowth. That was never done before”

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